Xavier & Angélique cycling the world

Cycling the world

Since January 2019, we have been cycling from Europe to South-East Asia. We’ve always had this crazy idea and this has become reality now. Travelling and doing some sport at the same time, cycling is the perfect way for us to discover the world.

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From borders to bicycles

The following article is in french from its original version. We are working on the translation and will notify you when it's released. You can still enjoy the pictures for now. You should be able to understand our stories using the fonctionalities of Google...

Figures of one year cycling

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Cambodia, from the past to the future

[ 10 déc. 2019 - 28 déc. 2019] L'influence cinématographique, entre Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider ou les 2 frères, avait déjà bien travaillé notre imaginaire sur les temples Khmer. Comme deux aventuriers, c'est plein d'enthousiasme qu'on se lance dans la jungle à leur...

Our home on the road

It has always been important to see what other cyclo tourists are taking on their trip and that’s why we are also sharing our list of material. You can see which bikes we are using, what we use to camp and cook and all the stuffs that are in our bags.


On a long-distance cycling trip, nothing is predictible. That’s why there’s so much difference between what we’ve planned to cycle and what we actually did. Take a look at our initial project compared to what we did so far.

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