“Anything to declare? Do you have any alcohol, tobacco, bombs, cocaine, heroine?” were the first words we had from the police officer going out of the ferry in Kaş, coming from the eastern island of Greece, Kastelorizo. The man was joking but serious on the alcohol topic as being limited. Alcohol is expensive in Turkey and people would cross to Greece for that.

Lucky us we met Olga and Mustafa on the ferry and got invited for our first beer in Turkey.

We head just after for Evren’s camping which was indicated to us by a Couchsurfer we contacted earlier on. The camping was actually not finished and we were the very first guest of Evren, having the pleasure to make his camping advertisement pictures.

The plan was to cycle along the coast to Antalya and Demre was our first stop after Kaş. Once more thanks to Couchsurfing, we contacted Ahmet and could find the Fisherman Inn (pointed so on Maps.me). It’s in reality a public land at a beach’s end where cars can’t go (bikes hardly), occupied by Ahmet’s uncle (the famous fisherman) since 10 years. We pitched the tent there for 2 nights and shared the time with Balik. We went fishing, cutting woods and learned how to prepare the fish for dinner. We got offered to stay at his place for a month while he would go traveling? The old man needed some vacation, as he would call, to visit friends and family and maybe get a bit of more comfort. We sadly couldn’t stay longer because we were in a rush. Two months earlier we agreed to meet Marlène, Robert, Nina, Sebas and Sam in Geyikbayırı for climbing. They booked their flight tickets, so we shouldn’t be late. This stayed a surprise for Sam till the day before she left and that’s why we didn’t mention it earlier.

Turkey is so far convenient for biking. Even if locals would tell us drivers are crazy in Turkey, we didn’t notice so much changes. Roads are usually large enough to feel safe. They include, on the main axes, a safety line you can use. After a stop in the city park of Kumluca, it’s at Alyona and Sardar’s house that we stopped. So far it has been our longer stay. We were finally in advance on schedule and had time to spend those 4 nights with them before cycling the last 45km.

We head to Geyikbayırı for the start of the Turkish Highline Carnival. It was really fun to find back an international community, particularly for such festival: highline, acro yoga (we got our first moves) and climbing, a perfect combination.

The excitement went at its peak when finding back our friends three days later. We had so much good time, being and speaking together, and good climb that the five days felt like holidays compared to our biking “job”. It’s a pity that we had to say goodbye to them and to our climbing gears, not being sure when will be the next climb, maybe in Laos end of the year.

We cycled down from the cliff to Antalya. We got there a nice Turkish hamam, with peeling, soap and oil massage and met again Joey, Anneliese and Tom. Three cyclists we met at the festival. They all head towards Capadoccia and we will spend some time on the road together. The start of a new gang.